Trial Director Training / Services

Make an impact in court with Trial Director services from JGRS.

JGRS offers Trial Director services or training to Bay Area litigators and their legal staff who are interested in learning and mastering this advanced presentation tool. Trial Director software enables a user to assemble varying pieces of digital evidence – documents, photos, videos, animations, live websites, audio, synchronized text-to-video depositions – into one efficient and impactful courtroom presentation. Other features include basic case management tools, video clip editing, time coding and integration with other trial presentation products.

A Trial Director tutorial from a Grossman team member will show you how to bring text forward for presentation, make digital annotations and highlights, and display synced transcript text with its audio and/or video components.

Ongoing Courtroom Presentation Support

JGRS works with its clients to bring transcript and exhibit presentations to the highest standards of clarity, precision and efficacy. A member of our team can be engaged to perform courtroom presentations during your trial or arbitration, or you can be trained to use Trial Director yourself.

To learn more about Trial Director training with JGRS or how the Trial Director software works with synchronized text-to-video transcripts and different types of digital evidence, call us at 510.444.4500 or contact us today to schedule a Trial Director tutorial.