Realtime Court Reporting

JGRS realtime court reporters value accuracy.

The ability to review testimony during a deposition or trial can be a valuable tool for any litigator. JGRS court reporters are carefully trained in realtime court reporting. Our reporters review case documents to program case-specific words and phrases into our realtime software so that the realtime feed you get is the best it can be. This attention to detail in our preparation is the difference between a useable realtime feed and a lot of gobbledygook.

Live streaming and interactive, from wherever you’re sitting.

JGRS provides interactive live realtime transcript feeds through programs including LiveNote, CaseView and Bridge. Whether you’re physically present at the proceedings in San Francisco or Oakland or watching live from offices outside the Bay Area, Grossman Reporting can set up a live, interactive feed to wherever counsel requires it.

Time code synchronization with video feed.

When depositions are videotaped, the realtime court reporter synchronizes time codes with the videographer, allowing counsel to easily search the transcript in conjunction with the videotape.

Realtime Court Reporting, across the nation.

Although we are physically located in Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area, JGRS’ reach extends across the United States. As part of a network of independent court reporting firms, we can provide our clients with nationwide access to reliable, professionally trained realtime court reporters.

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