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Full service legal videography is a phone call away.

Professional deposition videography and other legal video services such as transcript syncing and editing result in powerful courtroom, focus group or mock trial presentations. JGRS’s expert legal videographers have the flexibility and experience to bring your courtroom presentation to the next level with all that well-executed legal videography makes possible.

See video synchronization in action.

Communicate the whole picture with deposition videography.

Legal videography is a highly effective way to impeach a witness at trial or arbitration or to preserve the testimony of an ill or elderly witness who may become unable to testify in person. Legal video is also used when the witness lives far away and cannot be present for trial. More than with a text transcript alone, legal video has the capacity to record the depositions of key witnesses so that subtleties of their testimony may be easily observed. Less credible witnesses may display pauses, blinks, stares, hesitation and mannerisms which are highly communicative to a deciding jury or judge. A credible witness’ visible sincerity and ease in recalling events become equally valuable.

Legal videos delivered on time and precisely to your needs.

At JGRS, you can expect timely, expert legal video services. Our professional legal videographers arrive early to set up a tasteful backdrop and remain discreet throughout the deposition, meeting or site visit. After filming, if requested, our legal videographers can expertly edit your video product into organized, easily navigable clips according to your needs. Every legal video is carefully prepared and produced to your specifications, and we make it easy for you to use your video product. We provide the following video formats to meet all your technical and software needs:

Video Formats

  • MPEG-1 Video
  • DVD Video
  • MPEG-4 Video


  • YesLaw
  • E-Transcript
  • Sanction
  • LiveNote
  • DepoView
  • Trial Director

Get the most from the record with video synchronization.

JGRS provides video synchronization services. When sync-to-transcript is requested, a text version of the transcript is synced up line-by-line to the deposition video, locking the text and image together. When viewed on a computer, both ‘play’ at the same time – the video playing, the text scrolling. You can jump to key moments of video testimony by clicking on that text in the transcript.

Legal video services for any litigation matter in the San Francisco Bay Area.

JGRS provides high-quality and high-value legal video production and a wide range of formats for maximum flexibility for your pre-trial preparation or courtroom presentation. Our certified legal video specialists are experienced in:

  • Time/Date stamped video depositions
  • Video synchronized to the reporter’s transcript
  • Digital video editing
  • Courtroom presentations
  • Mobile video conferencing
  • Streaming video via the Internet
  • Day-in-the-life legal videos
  • Site inspections

Get Trial Director training and tutorial assistance in other software programs.

JGRS goes the extra mile to help its clients set up and understand the various available legal videography software. Our video production managers can talk you through the various benefits of each program, from the easy-to-use YesLaw to the more sophisticated Trial Director.

Whatever your needs are, we’ll have you covered.

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