Realtime Ruled in 2016!

Posted by Jane Grossman on January 11, 2017 |

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Hands-down, the most requested (and I think best) “product” is realtime. This year I began using a different realtime software, called LiveLitigation. A major benefit of the software is that it works on an iPhone, an Android phone, and on any kind of tablet. I always bring iPads to the proceedings, which makes it very easy for clients familiar with Apple products to utilize the LiveLitigation software.

The reactions we get from attorneys to having realtime at depositions and arbitrations range from sheer amazement to utter jubilation! I can’t begin to count the number of times last year I heard, “I just don’t know how I’ve worked without this in the past.”

An interesting upside for court reporters is that realtime has made attorneys more conscientious of being on the record. Because realtime software allows attorneys to see the record as it is being created, they see what is being said and most don’t like seeing, “Okay. All right. Let me see – okay. Scratch that,” or other false starts or interruptions. Similarly, realtime has also prompted attorneys to slow witnesses down or admonish witnesses not to interrupt the question, all because they see the record being created on screen before them.

Also, because of the great surge in requests for realtime during depositions, court proceedings, and arbitrations, many attorneys no longer require a rough draft at the end of the proceedings. In response, we have changed our pricing to allow counsel to purchase realtime services (which includes the reporter bringing an iPad or tablet), without requiring them to purchase a rough draft with the realtime, thus cutting down on the extra cost for realtime.