Deposition Services

From setup to transcript delivery, JGRS ensures a smooth deposition.

Grossman reporters provide superior deposition services, tailored to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to eliminate any ambiguity in the transcript, so that the proceedings come to life on the written page. Our reporters arrive at the site of the proceedings early to set up. We are ready to begin when you are. During the proceedings, the reporters are cognizant of the correct spellings of proper names and work carefully to capture the testimony, always mindful to correctly capture industry-specific terms, witness-specific speech patterns and participant accents. We employ our most diligent effort post-deposition to research any job-specific terms that have come up to ensure that you get the most accurate transcript possible.

Videotaped depositions with synced transcript text, for maximum impact.

A videotaped deposition is a valuable litigation tool. JGRS provides deposition videography services using the best technology for high-quality video and audio. Additionally, text transcripts may be time-synced to the deposition video for greatest impact at trial and synchronized with the deposition video for use at trial, with focus groups or for other litigation purposes.

We tailor our deliverables to suit your preferences.

Years of experience in deposition services has taught us that each law firm, lawyer and staff have their own preferences and their own way of doing things to optimize their litigation process. When you hire a Grossman court reporter, expect to receive your transcripts, exhibits and video the way you’ve requested them, each time. No cookie-cutter production lines here – at JGRS, we value the personal touch.

We’re a Bay Area court reporting firm located in Oakland, CA with nationwide court reporting coverage. To schedule deposition service, call 510.444.4500 or contact us and receive a reply within 2 hours.